What’s Missing In Your Lunch Box?

What’s Missing In Your Lunch Box?

We all have different eating personalities. Some of us are all day nibblers; others eat little thru the day and are nighttime feasters. Whatever your eating style, I have found a common denominator- nighttime tends to be when we prefer eating comfort foods. It’s the wind down period from a busy day. How many times have you eaten according to plan until arriving home, and your intentions for the perfect healthy supper go out the window? The salad, the steamed broccoli, and the squash were wonderful ideas until 6pm arrived… at that moment the stress of the day has left you craving a giant bowl of cereal, the kids’ graham crackers, or worse your spouse has brought home pizza and your ability to resist is weak! How do you break thru this frequent battle and succeed with your diet?

The solution may be what you need to put in your lunch pail! I have found that my most successful eating style is to eat HUGE quantities of veggies at lunch. At this point in the day, I am not tired or stressed and my desire to “eat right,” or rather, “eat my veggies,” is still high. My lunch bucket might be 20-30 baby carrots dipped into two single serving size tubs of Delmonte or Costco’s guacamole. (Costco’s is the best, especially if you like a chunky texture. Delmonte’s is smooth.) The fat of the avocado coupled with the high water and cellulose content of the carrots keeps me full, not to mention it is visually a large quantity so my eyes are satisfied too! Another quick fix option is to cook 2-3 cups of frozen mixed veggies or green beans in the microwave. Next cook you favorite single serving frozen meal- I prefer a mashed potato and meat loaf style one. Mix the two together in a big bowl, add a bit more salt, and you’ve got a pseudo Shepard’s Pie. Fyi, this is also an easy supper to fix that still seems like comfort food since the veggies are covered. Amy’s Veggie Loaf is my favorite.

So to bring this full circle, getting in all your veggies at lunch will not only fill you up better than the yogurt, apple, and cheese stick you’ve been packing, but should your defenses come tumbling down at 6pm, you can rest a bit easier knowing you’ve already gotten your veggies in for the day! Go ahead and have a plate of spaghetti and don’t feel guilty about the French bread. And if you’re up for more veggies, then all the better!

Try this for one week and let me know how it works for you! Cheers!


Don’t Be a Victim of the Resolution Junkyard

The Power of Mindset- think it, believe it, achieve it!

How committed are you to really changing your old habits? Going through the motions to create change is not enough. Deep down do you REALLY believe you will lose those lingering 10 pounds, quit smoking, stop negative self talk, improve your marriage, start your own company…. Or any number of things. DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU WILL FOLLOW THRU? 
It’s a valid question- case in point, New Year resolutions! What we set out to change is often more of a wish because seldom do we create a concrete plan. We lose our enthusiasm for our new goal after a week or two. And when life gets tough or stressful, which is inevitable, we make excuses and self allowances for WHY we can’t accomplish something right now or why we must delay the new journey. And to make matters worse, our friends will support us with our woeful tale of excuses. But here’s the truth- The bottom line is you have no one to blame but yourself if you don’t follow thru and don’t reach your goals.
The quickest and surest way to make sure your reach your goals is with a plan. And plans in your head don’t count as concrete- put it on paper with specific details! Furthermore motivation is a depreciating asset- I recommend it daily! This may mean starting each morning visiting a motivational website, reading a self help book, or talking to a like minded friend. Find what it is that will help you start each day inspired and motivated. But most of all, BELIEVE YOU WILL CHANGE, BELIEVE YOU WILL SUCCEED! Going thru the motions for change is not enough, mindset is the final key to make it happen. Not just a surface belief, but deep down in your core. We all have the ability to follow thru if we just harness the energy and refuel ourselves daily with motivation!
Let me hear back from you. What do you do to stay motivated and moving towards your goal?
*My personal motivational strategy- I collect motivational Pinterest quotes, fill my Instagram account with motivational leaders and finally, I create small goals for each week.