Don’t Be Hatin’ On Potatoes!

I’ve long said potatoes have been unfairly demonized! It’s a whole food packed with nutrition (see nutrition chart and link below). Lately I’ve been eating the “golden” potatoes which I find tastier and creamier than normal white potatoes. This meal or snack has good sustainable energy and a very low glycemic load due to the potatoes high “resistant starch” -starch that acts like fiber and is not digested and absorbed in the stomach or small intestine and passed on to the large intestine.

Boiled potatoes taste great after being refrigerated, unlike baked potatoes in my opinion. The extra water in boiled or steamed potatoes also helps with satiety.

If you simply are having a hard time sticking to low carb, maybe it’s not for you! I don’t believe in one diet to fit all people. The best diet is what you can stick to for the long term. Stop making yourself partake in diets you don’t ENJOY!

Is the Keto Diet so popular at this moment confusing you? Have your tried it? Do you understand ketones and glycogen? Ever wonder why you gain 5lbs the moment you break your keto diet and eat the smallest amount of bread? You don’t have to be a “low carb-er” to loose weight or be healthy! Check out this article-

Manchego Potato Soup

– 1 pound of golden potatoes cut up and boiled until soft. Put in blender with 1 to 2 cups of water or thickness desired. Blend in 1 ounce of manchego cheese and a sprinkling of garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper.

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Potato Nutrition – check this out!


Don’t Be a Victim of the Resolution Junkyard

The Power of Mindset- think it, believe it, achieve it!

How committed are you to really changing your old habits? Going through the motions to create change is not enough. Deep down do you REALLY believe you will lose those lingering 10 pounds, quit smoking, stop negative self talk, improve your marriage, start your own company…. Or any number of things. DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU WILL FOLLOW THRU? 
It’s a valid question- case in point, New Year resolutions! What we set out to change is often more of a wish because seldom do we create a concrete plan. We lose our enthusiasm for our new goal after a week or two. And when life gets tough or stressful, which is inevitable, we make excuses and self allowances for WHY we can’t accomplish something right now or why we must delay the new journey. And to make matters worse, our friends will support us with our woeful tale of excuses. But here’s the truth- The bottom line is you have no one to blame but yourself if you don’t follow thru and don’t reach your goals.
The quickest and surest way to make sure your reach your goals is with a plan. And plans in your head don’t count as concrete- put it on paper with specific details! Furthermore motivation is a depreciating asset- I recommend it daily! This may mean starting each morning visiting a motivational website, reading a self help book, or talking to a like minded friend. Find what it is that will help you start each day inspired and motivated. But most of all, BELIEVE YOU WILL CHANGE, BELIEVE YOU WILL SUCCEED! Going thru the motions for change is not enough, mindset is the final key to make it happen. Not just a surface belief, but deep down in your core. We all have the ability to follow thru if we just harness the energy and refuel ourselves daily with motivation!
Let me hear back from you. What do you do to stay motivated and moving towards your goal?
*My personal motivational strategy- I collect motivational Pinterest quotes, fill my Instagram account with motivational leaders and finally, I create small goals for each week.